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Pivot Presents The Mach 5.5 Carbon 

Beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona is the perfect place to test the Mach 5.5 Carbon. Not many people outside of the area know that Northern Arizona is home to both one of the largest ponderosa pine forests in the world, and to hundreds of miles of singletrack, all on the shoulders of the extinct volcanos of the San Francisco range. You can go for hundreds of miles in almost any direction, without leaving the trail. The Mach 5.5 Carbon is the perfect machine for tackling the technical lava rock and long climbs in this incredible location.

The New Mach 5.5 Carbon builds on the legacy of our renowned Mach 5.7 Carbon as the quintessential trail bike. With 140mm of dw-link™ rear travel, it sticks to and claws up just about anything, with unparalleled pedaling efficiency. On descents, the Mach 5.5 Carbon’s incredible square edge bump performance and 160mm travel Fox 36 fork enables you to conquer terrain that makes other bikes cower. It’s a bike that inspires you to climb while looking forward to the descents and that begs you to push your limits while putting a smile on your face.

Trails: Flagstaff, Arizona
Music: Clear featuring Mothica, by Pusher

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The Syncronicles II – The Ramp

Follow Rob Heran on his road trip to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to fulfill childhood dreams and live the vanlife.

Childhood dreams. We give up on them too easy, don't we? We fall into the trap of "adult life". We end up following the path that society expects us to. More than ever before, we're expected to perform at the highest level. In everything we do. In our jobs, in our hobbies, even as parents and in our relationships. Sometimes it seems that the world offers more stages to perform on than opportunities to live.
Everything is expected to move faster, tob e performance-enhanced – whether LTE, social media, drugs or self-optimization. We get caught in the trap, again and again as our vision becomes more and more blurred. We are traveling so fast that we don’t see what’s going on right in front of us. We are racing in the tunnel into the light. We get lost, lose control or can’t stand the pressure anymore. We burn out in the useless, competitive race.
No wonder I see more and more people who decide to change direction and deliberately slow down. They quit their jobs and finally do what they always dreamed of, because they realize that tomorrow never comes.
It’s what’s here and now that counts. The clock of life is ticking. Step out of the trap, turn around and choose the life you dreamed of. Don’t be scared. Follow the dreams of your childhood.

The time has come to finally live my childhood dream. It seems like it took me a lifetime to get there. But finally, I arrived where I always wanted to be; In my own imagination of what Mountainbike riding means to me—infinite freedom (and the possibility to launch myself into orbit)

It was deep winter in January when I had everything finished. I‘ve set up the ramp only once before to see if the construction itself works, but I haven't jumped it yet. Nevertheless, I packed my new built Evil Wreckoning bike and everything I needed for a three-month road trip adventure all the way down to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It has been a destination I always dreamed of visiting with my own car.

- Rob Heran -

Filmed by Sebastian Doerk/


Escape to Hurricane 

Hurricane, UT- Escape the dreary winter rains with a trip to Hurricane, Utah, with professional mountain bike rider Jeff Kendall-Weed.  Follow along with Jeff as he jumps and wheelies across the beautiful desert terrain that lies in the foreground to Zion National Park.  Presented by Ibis Cycles, in association with, Kali Protectives, and Kitsbow Cycling Apparel, and additional support from Over the Edge Sports Hurricane. 

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Bernard Kerr - Queenstown Dreaming

Bernard Kerr goes bigger and better in this edit on Queenstown’s legendary and newly revamped Dream Track and other iconic trails. The Dream track is maintained by the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club – go here to support their efforts.



“Ride Your F#%king Bike – Movie. Powered by Chainsaw.” Featuring Fox athletes Josh Bryceland, Josh Lewis, Kirt Voreis and other Fox teammates, the movie documents three weeks on the road with a wild crew up for anything. Filming kicked off at Fox Headquarters in Irvine, Calif., and continued north through Oregon and Washington before crossing the Canadian border and reaching Vancouver Island.

The movie is dedicated to Stevie Smith, aka Chainsaw, a World Cup champion gravity athlete who unexpectedly passed away in May 2016.

Directed by Ryan Marcus
Produced by Mike Redding
Cinematography by Ricki Bedenbaugh, Cassidy Tillemans, Veesh, Ryan Marcus, Root One Productions
Edited by Ricki Bedenbaugh, Cassidy Tillemans, Veesh, Ryan Marcus
Colorist: Patrick Woodard
Motion Design: Blaine Birardi
Poster Illustration: El Gran Tocayo
Art Direction: Brent Waterworth
Graphic Design: Troy Smits
Narration: Dave White
Narration Written by Marissa Stokes and Kirt Voreis
Music Supervision: Lory Vincent, Tim Scanlin, Daniel Hall
Support: Ed Chavez and Ryan Perkins