Rob Metz Discusses The All New Katipo

Rob, Zerode Founder, gives us a run down about some of the background of the Katipo design, some nice features and more. The Katipo is our new full 29er that available in both 140mm and 160mm travel options. For everything you need to know about the Katipo hit the link below.


Brandon Semenuk Builds an MTB Playground in Utah Raw 100, Version 5

Semenuk and Rupert Walker are now officially five years deep into our Raw 100 series. For their latest chapter, they took their efforts to Utah. Though the landscape in this Raw 100 may be reminiscent of Red Bull Rampage, their inventive and manicured lines transformed the iconic freeride area into a brilliant slopestyle playground. For the uninitiated, Raw 100 videos feature one hundred seconds of all-thriller, no filler action: no slow-mo, no soundtrack. It’s a showcase for the best riders and filmmakers in the world.


Finding Flow in New Zealand | Midpoint feat. Brandon Semenuk

It's commonly accepted that New Zealand is a pretty beautiful place. Likewise, it's commonly accepted that Brandon Semenuk is pretty good at making bike riding a beautiful thing. With Midpoint, the two collide. As always, the Rupsky Walker's filming style showcases the purity of Semenuk’s incredible style with an eye for appreciating the intricacies of what he achieves on a bike. Long may the RevelCo productions continue.


Yoann Barelli Presents Treasure Trail Squamish BC Double Black Diamond

Yoann Barelli take his viewers on the world's toughest trails and shows you how to ride them.

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Drew Bezanson vs Joyride 150