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Eliot Jackson Tears Up Queenstown

Eliot Jackson left the California winter for the picturesque landscape of New Zealand to rip it apart on his Pivot Cycles Phoenix Carbon DH. The comeback kid is in his second season of healthy riding and the Queenstown trails are the perfect place to prep for Crankworx and the World Cup.

Eliot is riding the new Phoenix DH check it out here.


Queenstown Shredding

Queenstown shredding a mountainbiking video by Georgebrannigan

George Brannigan laying it down with Motorhead to help him slay trail!


Niner WFO Review

Mountain bikes have been in production since the early 1980's. In fact my first MTB was a 1985 Ross then I progressed to 3 other hardtails and eventually full suspension. Companies are always looking at a way to get the upper hand over the competition and to make riding a bike faster an easier thing to do for the average Joe. Niner bikes have been at the forefront of the big wheel revolution. Not just 650B but true Wagon Wheels the big 29" style wheels and as their name indicates it is all they make. The company makes no qualms about it they are firm believers that bigger is better when it comes to wheel size. Niner offers a variety of bikes that satisfy most genras of Mountain Biking. The Niner WFO 9 is designed to be a Enduro machine with the ability to tackle rough terrain at high rates of speed while allowing the rider to climb to the top of the descents.

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VIENNA AIR KING 2015: Top High-Flyers Return For 10th Anniversary


Magura MT7 Brake Test

Magura has been in the brake business for over two decades. Back in the day when people where pumped on V-Brake performance the people at Magura were selling Hydraulic Rim Brakes for mountain biking. These brakes are still very popular on trials bikes. Many World Cup riders ran these brakes back in the day. Magura has relaunched their MT line and introduced a gravity/enduro specific brake called the MT7 Next is is a dual piston design with four pads. We reviewed the MT8 when they first came out a few years ago. The brakes worked well even in the downhill capacity we tested them in. Considering this was a featherweight AM/XC brake that speaks well for Magura and its brakes as a whole. We are very excited to test a gravity specific brake from them in the form of the Magura MT7 Next Disc Brake!

These brakes are a very light DH brake option. Using the Carbotecture lever housing helps keep the weight low. We have used brakes that weigh easily 200 grams more per brake in the past. So being able to save almost a pound in the brakes alone is a nice bonus. We opted for the MT7 with toolless adjustment. Magura informed us we would have less adjustment with these than the tool versions offer but more on that later.

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Riding the White Line

Rider Michal Kollbek ridding the White Line in Sedona, AZ.
Filmed by Marshall Mullen