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The Niner Ambassador Program Is Announced!

Niner  is  proud  to  announce  the  creation  of  a  new global program  in  support  of  our  most  passionate riders.  The  new Niner Ambassador  Program  is  for  people  who  want  to  get  involved  with  Niner  at  a higher  level,  who  want  to  share their  love  for  the  trail  with  riders  in  their  local  area  and  participate in  key  events  and  product  launches  throughout  the year.  


As an official ninerd

  • You  will  belong  to  an  exclusive  group  of  less  than  100  riders,  worldwide.

  • You  will  be  invited  to  participate  in key  Niner  product  development  conversations  and  product launches,  with  the  ability  to  ask  questions  and  gain  insight  from  our  engineers  and  product  managers.

  • You  will  have  the  the  ability  to  purchase  a  complete  Niner  bike  at  special  Ambassador  price

  • You  will  receive  an  exclusive  Niner  Ambassador  Kit  of  tee/baggies  or  jersey/bibs,  as  well  as  socks and  tee  shirts  at  the  start  of  the  program

  • You  will  receive  quarterly  swag  packages  to  both  keep  for  yourself  and  distribute  to  riders  you know.

  • You  will  be  eligible  for  partner  program  discounts,  as  will  your  friends  and  riding  crew.

  • You  will  be  eligible  to  win  additional  Niner  trips  and  product  available  exclusively  to  Niner Ambassadors  via  points  earned  at  trail  work  days  with  IMBA  and  at  other  selected  events  and  on social  media.

What  do  we  ask  of  you?

  • Be  a  great  representative of  Niner  on  the  trail  and  in  your  daily  life!  Ninerds  are  friendly,  ethical, and  fun  to  ride  with.

  • Join  our  demo  crew  at  local  events help  us  get  to  know  the  trails,  introduce  us  to  your  crew  and  maybe  help  the  tired  demo  guy  load  the  van  at  the  end of  the  day  and  find  a  good  local  burger and  a  beer.

  • If  you  are  the  social  media  type,  tag  us  in  your  Niner  related  posts  #ninerbikesambassador, #ninerbikes.  There  will  be  rewards  for  our  best  online  Niner  ambassadors,  too.

  • Be  a  passionate  rider this isn't  a  racing  program!

How  do  you  apply  for  an  ambassador  position?

  • Fill  out  the  application  at

  • You  must  be  able  to  complete  the  application  online missing  information  will  eliminate  you from  consideration.  We  cannot  accept  physical/mailed  applications. We  will  make  our  final selection  in November,  with  the  first  swag  shipment  and  bike  purchase  opportunity  happening  
    in  January.  The  application  date  closes  on  11/15/2014.  Ambassadors  will  hold  their  position for 1 year.




ALL GUTS ALL GLORY Game-Changing DH Performance

The World Cup-proven Glory 27.5 is here. With 8 inches (203mm) of proven Maestro Suspension and a lightweight ALUXX SL aluminum frame made to optimize its 27.5 wheels, it’s an instant game-changer for DH riders everywhere.

Learn more at :


Enduro Mediterraneo Pelion Final Race Promo

18-19 Oct. 2014 is the final race of Enduro Mediterraneo in Pelion Trails. A few days before Sunday the 19th we enjoy the ride and getting ready for the final's day. See you soon-Ride hard and love it..

Filming-editing: Chris Boukoros
Riders: Alex Petroutsos
Anastasis Barbimtsis
Music: Pulp Fixion-Misirlou


Hexagone Official Trailer

A film about Mountain-Bike, only shot in France with some of the best French riders.

We are proud to present the official trailer of our full length movie HEXAGONE. 100% french riders, shot exclusively in france. Antoine Bizet, Antoine Dubourgnon, Yannick Granieri, Mehdi Gani, Louis Reboul, Rémi Thirion, Richard Fert, Anthony Rocci, Pierre Edouard Ferry, Pierre Charles Georges.

One year and a half of work for 3 young amateur filmmakers to showcase our passion.

A film by Marc-Olivier PANAUD & Thibault MENU
With the participation of Thibault MAITREJEAN

The film premiere will happen Saturday 11th October in Fréjus, south of France, during the Roc d’Azur. Free entry at 8 pm in the Mercure hotel in Port-Fréjus.

The film is presented by
In association with Adidas eyewear
with additional support from Ghanzi, Commencal and Hope technology


Transition GiddyUp Bikes Press Release

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of our new bikes we have to define what these
bikes are for. Everyone loves to attach a label to their bikes and put them into categories. Trail, all mountain, enduro, freeride, cross country, down country...  So why fight it? In our new lineup, every model is unique but they are all in the same category. These are mountain bikes designed for going...

The 2015 Transition lineup features four new models with different wheel sizes and distinctly different characteristics to suit a variety of riders, regions and trails.

  • PATROL (27.5" Wheelsize, 155mm Rear Travel/160mm Front Travel)
  • SUPPRESSOR (26" Wheelsize, 155mm Rear Travel/160mm Front Travel)
  • SCOUT (27.5" Wheelsize, 125mm Rear Travel/140mm Front Travel)
  • SMUGGLER (29" Wheelsize, 115mm Rear Travel/130mm Front Travel)

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Munich, September 18th 2014 – The world’s best 24 riders performed an incredible array of mind-blowing tricks to amp up the 62,000 live spectators. For 2 days, Nuremberg’s historic city centre turned into a boiling pot for extreme mountain biking. The crowds witnessed the first ever Tsunami Flip in a MTB contest as well as a head-to-head battle until the last minute.

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