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Munich, September 18th 2014 – The world’s best 24 riders performed an incredible array of mind-blowing tricks to amp up the 62,000 live spectators. For 2 days, Nuremberg’s historic city centre turned into a boiling pot for extreme mountain biking. The crowds witnessed the first ever Tsunami Flip in a MTB contest as well as a head-to-head battle until the last minute.

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Canfield Brothers Balance

The original Balance, released in 2006, was known as one of the first true mini DH bikes. While Canfield Brothers 2nd generation Balance is aimed more for all mountain use, it still retains the original Balance's aggressive heritage. The goal with the new version was to produce one of the most efficient pedaling enduro bike in it's class, while giving it the classic Canfield Brothers bump eating, DH performance. Designed around 27.5” wheels, however, the geo was configured to also allow the use of 26's. Go anywhere, do anything!

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Filmed and edited by Reilly Kintzele and Dakota Huntley with pacific northwest rider Trevor Parson


Introducing The NEW RICOH WG-M1

The inspired Adventure-in-motion Ricoh WG-M1 with built-in WiFi Denver, Colorado September 10, 2014 RICOH IMAGING AMERICAS CORPORATION announces the launch of the RICOH WG-M1 digital action camera. From the creators of the original adventure camera the newest addition to the waterproof, cold proof, and shock resistant WG series is equipped to capture life’s moving adventures. The WG-M1 is the must have adventure camera for capturing your life in motion. The RICOH WG-M1 is WiFi enabled, waterproof to an impressive depth of 32 feet without requiring a protective housing, shock-resistant against a fall from 6 feet, and cold-resistant to temperatures as low as -10°C. With its ultra-wide-angle lens, this extraordinary camera captures dynamic Full HD movies with a realistic sense of depth. The WG-M1 provides a host of advantageous features including multitasking that allows the user to check real-time images during both still and movie recording, and a 1.5-inch color LCD monitor.

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Shaun Palmer Rides....

Produced By Brad Holmes/Chainsaw Productions

Label: Small Stone Records
Band: Halfway To Gone
Song: Turnpike’


An unReal Tease

We see you there. Stuck in the real world. Staring blankly at your computer screen. Hoping to find something, anything, to take you away. It's time to let your friends at Teton Gravity Research & Anthill Films transport you to a place beyond the real world. #theunRealmovie - Coming Summer 2015. Watch. Dwell. Share. Rise into the unReal and explore the imagination of some of the best mountain bikers on the planet, creating a world where snow is fair game, 1000-pound mammals are riding partners, and anything is possible.

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Shaun Palmer Coming Home

Directed and Shot by Rich Van Every
Editing: Jensen Granger
Audio: Ron Courtney
Music: Jeff Steber