Guerrilla Gravity Is Going Carbon in 2019!!!

Here at Guerrilla Gravity, we dream big. Driven by our mission to “make mountain biking more awesome,” we’re always looking for better ways to do things. We've always stood true to our values of efficiently building tough, easy to work on, and fun to ride bikes. Our testing and personal ride preferences lent themselves to the qualities of steel and aluminum while keeping our eye on material advancements being adopted by the bike industry, notably carbon fiber.

While incremental advancements were made, carbon fiber still had many pitfalls like cost, durability, and environmental impact. So we got to thinking… how can we design and manufacture a mountain bike that blends the best qualities of aluminum and steel with the best qualities of carbon?

The requirements

This question led us on an arduous three-year journey, guided by three key requirements:

  1. Tough. After all, what good is a bike you’re afraid to shred on?
  2. Efficient. This sport is expensive enough as it is, and we don’t want to contribute to pricing riders out of badass bikes.
  3. Made in America. Because it matters.


These efforts culminated in the development of our proprietary Revved™ Carbon Technology. Revved combines the next generation of frame material and our new, patent-pending manufacturing process that is all made right here in the USA, exclusively by Guerrilla Gravity.

We never thought this was going to be easy. Building a production line from scratch without a rule book has been a monumental challenge filled with late nights, precise planning, and a lot of good-old-fashioned grit. 

In the amount of time it’s taken us to develop this material and manufacturing process, we could have contracted an overseas factory to cut molds, make prototypes, and build production-ready bikes in the traditional carbon fiber methods. But that’s not how we roll at Guerrilla Gravity. We found a better way to make bikes and got to work.

In a world where new model years only see nominal gains accompanied by rising costs, Revved will kick off a revolution of making mountain biking more awesome for more people. A world where carbon fiber performance isn’t a badge of exclusivity but a welcome invitation to every one of you that wants to ride harder. 

From everyone at the Guerrilla Gravity Team, we can’t wait to show you what’s possible with Revved Carbon Technology.

 Check out more over at The GG Website


Nicolai Brings You The G1 Not Sure If You Want 650b or 29" It Doesn't Matter Anymore

Finally finished! After one year of work and many tests and optimization we are very proud to present our new Enduro Bike named G1. The completely new designed frame is modular and can be mounted with 27,5 or 29 inch wheels. The adjustment is done by the headset and different screw-in elements, which we call mutators. The round tubes made of high-strength 7020 aluminium underline the puristic appearance. The thicker down tube paired with a lower top tube provides an aggressive look and more legroom. Today we achieve more safety, traction and speed in all situations thanks to the GEOMETRON geometry. With the new EXT damper the suspension reaches a new dimension. All in all, the bike has an unrivalled and incomparably good riding performance. The reason lies in the sum of all the big small details, which we would now like to explain further:

EXT Shock

The new Nicolai G1 and its suspension is the result of co-operation between the manufacturer NICOLAI and two other European specialists, EXTREME Racing Shox and GeoMetron bikes. Italian company EXT are known worldwide in professional racing and motorsports for their high performance suspension and our friend and partner Chris Porter from GeoMetron Bikes is recognised for creating and being at the forefront of the current trends in geometry and kinematics.



Santa Cruz Announces The New V-10!

At the 2017 World Cup season opener in Lourdes, Loris Vergier, Luca Shaw, and Greg Minnaar qualified 1, 3, and 6 aboard the ‘controversy machine’—a V10 with a new swingarm rolling on 29-inch wheels.

The clouds broke open before the top qualifiers, soaking the track, and the question of technological supremacy would have to wait…for five weeks, when Greg Minnaar climbed to the top step at Ft. William for the seventh time.

The arms race was on.

Over the next winter, using what we learned during the 2017 race season, we set about designing an entirely new V10—longer reach, better shock rate, and better frame and cable protection. All three frame sizes (and Reserve carbon DH wheels) were designed and manufactured in time for a week of testing before the Ft. William World Cup in 2018. Greg crashed in those sessions, breaking his arm, and effectively ending his season. A few days later, Luca qualified first and Loris third on the new bike. Loris put down a scorcher in the finals that only fellow Frenchman Amaury Pierron could top, but Luca flatted high on course and had to cruise down.

The new school had arrived, and they had new wheels.  

Testing continued throughout the 2018 season, usually in the form of link sets designed to tweak the shock rate or make minor alterations in geometry. We had the big variables figured out, but fine-tuning the suspension under the Syndicate during World Cup season guaranteed regular, high-level feedback and lots of high-stakes puzzling. The result is perhaps the most refined suspension performance available outside of a World Cup pit.

That brings us to now—kind of.

Pairing 29-inch wheels with 215mm of travel makes a juggernaut of a race bike, but racing isn’t everything. Depending on the type of trails or riding style you’re into, breaking out the biggest artillery might not be ideal. Rider height also looms large when deciding which wheel size is optimal and a lot of people may opt for smaller wheels.

So we decided to make a 27.5 V10, too.

No compromises, no gimmicks, no shortcuts—it was designed in parallel to the 29er V10 as an original suspension platform and chassis. The 27.5 bike comes in Small, Medium, and Large, while the 29 comes in Medium, Large, and XL. Make your choice according to your size or riding style, and you’ll be the recipient of every bit of work and puzzling that’s gone into the Syndicate’s race bikes.

The most successful bike in downhill history shows no signs of slowing down.


More details for the realest puzzlers:

  • Adjustable chainstay length to optimize front/rear balance
  • Lower leverage rate for optimal shock performance
  • Internal derailleur cable routing on swingarm to protect housing from chain damage
  • Looking for some aftermarket DH wheels? Check out the new Reserve Carbon DH 29 Wheels
  • Want an email when V10s are available at retailers? Sign up here.

Santa Cruz V-10 650B Geometry

Santa Cruz V-10 29r Geometry

Santa Cruz V-10 Builds

Learn more on new The Santa Cruz V-10 here.


Trust Introduces The Message Linkage Fork

Years in the making, the Message is the beginning of multi-link front suspension design from Trust Performance. The Message is a mind-blowing reset of what you think a front suspension should do; it’s something you feel the instant you start riding. If we tell you how good we think the Message is, you probably won’t believe us. For us, it’s simple. It’s a lack of chatter, more traction in corners, and predictable steering. It’s a level of small bump compliance that’s usually reserved for elite athletes with world-class, suspension-sponsored race support. It’s a stability under braking that’s usually only possible with jackhammer-hard compression settings.

By employing a trailing multi-link design, the Message allows the front of the bike to realize the benefits the rear has enjoyed for years — an easy actuation feel early in the stroke and progressive ramp through the mid-stroke. The result: ground-hugging traction, increased confidence when pushing through berms and more bottom-out resistance at the end of the travel to handle large impacts and botched landings. Additionally, our linkage design means that the axle path on the Message isn’t forced to travel in-line with the steering axis. Instead, it counteracts the natural steering angle change with a corresponding adjustment in offset. The Message maintains caster through the range of travel, giving you predictable handling in a wider variety of trail conditions.

Our in-house designed twin-tube, thru-shaft damper is securely housed inside a stiff carbon chassis. The chassis design provides unique stiffness and significantly isolates deflection to the linkage portion of the system, virtually eliminating stiction in the damper. A three-way mode adjust provides on-the-fly adjustments to control compression performance. The most notable difference about the Message is its ability to accept multiple 29” and 27.5” disc brake mountain bikes. Because the Message's contour travel and static structure is more versatile than telescopic travel, one product is suitable for a wider range of axle-to-crown lengths and travels. While the Message performs best on 29" and 27.5"+ designed for 110mm to 150mm of travel and 27.5” bikes designed for 130mm to 150mm of travel, you’ll find you can push the limits in either direction with surprising success.


  • Trailing multi-link front suspension
  • 130mm contour travel
  • 1980 grams
  • Full carbon chassis, steerer tube and linkages
  • Three-way mode adjust - Firm, Mid, Open
  • Trust engineered twin-tube, thru-shaft damper
  • Fits both 29/27.5"+ (110-150mm) and 27.5" (130-150mm) bikes
  • Tire widths up to 29 x 2.6” (762 x 66mm) max or 27.5 x 2.8" (744 x 78mm) max
  • Easy setup with air pressure equal to rider weight
  • 535mm axle-to-crown
  • Fits existing mountain bikes with tapered head tube
  • Boost 15x110mm thru axle (or with torque caps)
  • Direct mount 180mm rotor (203mm max)
  • 250 hours between service intervals

Who Is Trust?

If you know us, you know that we’ve built our careers on making the ride better — in finding unconventional solutions to some of the industry’s biggest challenges. We’ve created new standards and set benchmarks for innovation. We’ve been doing things differently for a long time. But it’s never been about being different for different’s sake — it’s always been about generating an effect that improves the overall experience.

Founder & Technical Director

He’s been described as a mad scientist, a trendsetter, and a whiffle ball champion; he is the suspension authority, Dave Weagle. His rear suspension designs have more than a few World Championship, World Cup, and EWS Stage wins to their name, which makes him arguably the most qualified bike suspension designer around. So when he emerged from his barn with a wild look in his eye, and a new invention that blew our minds when we rode it, the fuse was lit for Trust Performance to take flight.

Dave oversees Trust's advanced development.

Co-founder & President

There are composites engineers, there are carbon fiber technicians, and then there’s Jason Schiers. Part anarchist, part artist, Jason has developed a long list of firsts with carbon fiber. Before he set his sights on making the Message a reality, he founded ENVE Composites, which single-handedly proved that carbon fiber mountain bike rims were not only lighter but better.

Jason manages Trust's brand and communication.

Co-founder & CEO

If anyone on earth can be correctly described as a force of nature, Hap Seliga most certainly fits the bill. Equal parts unshakably optimistic and eternally pragmatic, Hap is a ray of sunshine in human form. He co-founded Competitive Cyclist, growing it from a scrappy brick and mortar bike shop into the premier online bike retailer long before internet shopping hit the mainstream.

Hap oversees Trust's sales and operations.

Find out more about Trust at the link below.



Industry Nine Announces The A35 Stem

Taking name and shape from the A-axis in our five-axis machining centers, the A35 is an all-mountain stem demonstrating that every detail matters.

The A35 is machined, anodized and assembled entirely in our Asheville, NC facility and available in lengths of 32mm, 40mm, 50mm and 60mm. Add our expressive mix of 11 anodized colors, and you’ll discover the form and function to dial any ride.


  • Includes six high strength 316 stainless steel custom M5 bolts

  • 180° Wrap

  • Solid 7075 Machined Aluminum*
    *100% Domestically Sourced

  • Eleven Anodized Color Choices and Color Combinations

    Single Color starting at $125

    Combo Color starting at $140