Unno Burn Available Now

The waiting has been long, but finally we have the perfect frames that we dreamed of. The Unno Burn is available for purchase. Only 50 frames will be made in 2018 and you have now the opportunity to get one of those 50 numbered ones. Do not miss this unique opportunity and go to our brand new website to purchase it!

The frame features 27.5” wheels, 160mm rear travel with an Öhlins STX 22 Air custom tuned shock, threaded 73mm BB, ISCG05, Tapered Zero Stack headset, rear PM 160mm, boost rear spacing axle, 31.6mm seat tube diameter with stealth guiding, anti-scratch BASF glossy clearcoat with black tint, internal guided cables, rubber protection for all the exposed areas, 5 years of warranty, and comes in its own foam padded custom box.

As the frames are very limited in number, they will be handled on a first come, first served basis. To place an order please you just need navigate to our website and choose your preferred payment method.


UNNO Bikes Website Goes Live

Unno Bikes has made their website live. Head over there to lust over some drool worthy frames!



2018 YT Capra Announced

2018 YT Capra Pro Race 29"

Confidence, creativity, endurance: this G.O.A.T. will get you and it will turn you into the rider you have always aspired to be. And true to our core we keep pushing boundaries: the all new CAPRA is a full-on downhill machine crossed with the uphill performance of a trail bike.

Bomb proof tracking, a finely tuned responsiveness and railroad track cornering: the CAPRA has reserves keen to handle downhill minefields with the brutal ease of a trophy truck. A bike that just begs to be pushed hard, the perfect tool to unlock those big, wild rides.

On the trail the CAPRA flies, carves and thrills all the way down, giving you the light-footed pop and playfulness of a fawn that sees it’s first spring. While on the uphill it resembles its name giver, the G.O.A.T., the confident, effortless and most skillful climber out there. The real king of the mountain - the greatest of all time.


27 or 29 – not an easy decision. Because both CAPRAs are dialled into a perfect combination of aggressiveness, speed, agility, and handling, there's no obvious 'right' answer. Your riding style, preferred terrain, and - last but not least, personal preference are the deciding factors.

The CAPRA 29 offers unbeatable control and stability on fast downhills while being an efficient climber on the uphills. Planted low between the axles you form a unity with the bike that offers instant confidence. Thanks to the slack headtube angle, the long wheel base and those tall, capable wheels the CAPRA is the perfect tool to conquer the Megavalanche while at the same time giving you pedalling efficiency over long distances with plenty of up- and downhills. The outstanding grip provides unheard-of propulsion on those gruelling climbs and thanks to the FlipChip the geometry can be perfectly adapted to your needs.

The CAPRA 27 is for all of those looking for the playful agility of an enduro bike combined with the gravity genes of a downhiller. The extra suspension travel ensures it doesn't give any ground when dealing with rough terrain or soaking up sketchy landings. The slack headtube angle and long wheel base ensure perfect traction while the extra short chainstays make the bikes insatiably fast and addictively engaging - on the ground and in the air. You will ride longer and crazier than ever - and will never need a lift again. 

For the new generation of the CAPRA we have fine-tuned our much-acclaimed Virtual 4 Link suspension system even further. We adopt the downhill principle due to the low transmission and thus create the characteristics of V4L: an off-the-top sensitivity, even more ample mid-stroke support than before and a progressive ending stroke. 

V4L not only gives you the confidence to hit big gaps and rugged terrain at speed, it also makes pedalling super-efficient. Additionally we have optimized the kinematics to further reduce the influence of pedalling forces. The result is an outstanding climbing efficiency with optimum climbing position and neutral riding behaviour - providing the perfect riding experience. 

“The new CAPRA is just so f@#$%!* rad, you can really do EVERYTHING with it…It pretty sure can be as fast as on a downhill bike, so it’s my bike for every ride, every day. And the new bike geometry is gonna change the game of the enduro world. So let’s keep ripping trails and whipping through corners!”

Bryan Regnier

Our Frenchie definitely has the loosest style in the Enduro World Series and is a true fan favorite. As a foster son of Cedric Gracia, the former motocross racer knows how to combine good times and racing.

YT Capra Technology

2018 Capra 29" Geometry

2018 YT Capra 27.5" Geometry

Our focus in the development process has always been to create the perfect weight distribution and optimum rider position. So for 2018, YT Tailor Made is taking things a step further.
Throughout all CAPRA bikes sizes we offer a low seatpost height in combination with seatposts, that are specifically matched to each of the bike sizes. Therefore riders can now choose between 2 to a maximum of 3 different frame sizes for their body height. Whether you prefer a moderate or long reach - you now have true freedom of choice. It's like your frame has been tailormade for you. By opting for the longer reach, experienced riders can adjust the weight distribution more precisely while the standard reach will give you a bike with a little more pop out of corners.

The seat angle of the new CAPRA is perfectly adjusted to a well-balanced pedaling position, allowing for maximum riding efficiency and pedaling prowess. The slack headtube angle and short chainstays, which again are adapted for each frame size, deliver the most advanced combination of trail bike agility and traction at downhill standard.

2018 YT Capra 27.5 CF ProCheck out the full build kits and color option on the YT Website.


YT Announces New Branding And The 2018 Bike Range

Brand Relanuch

The new YT logo, ‘Live Uncaged’ strapline and documentary are unveiled today on  and the campaign microsite The evolved branding

 and strapline unite the old and the new, YT’s youthful energy, badass confidence, and agelessness to reflect the true core of their brand.
What Is Young Talent? Young Talent is what YT stands for. It’s inside us all. It’s up to each of us to find our young and undiscovered talent, to overcome conventions and pursue our dreams. This is exactly what CEO Markus Flossmann did, when he founded YT 10 years ago. YT has stayed true to that founding ideal and has always done things their own way. From selling direct and ditching the middle man to redefining the sport itself with bike breeds like the CAPRA, smashing the trail bike scene with the rule-breaking JEFFSY and writing history with Aaron Gwin dominating the World Cup on their downhill weapon TUES.

“Over the last decade I’ve realized that Young Talent has nothing to do with age,” explains Markus.

“It’s never too late to explore your young talent. It’s never too late to try something new and find your passion.”

It’s this way of life that utterly defines YT and their bikes. YT is about riding. It’s about refusing to be caged. It’s about finding your passion. It’s about building the perfect tool for every kind of rider, in order to allow them unleash their own potential – bikes that let everyone do whatever they want. “And today, years later, we’re still exploring our young talents, overcoming age and conventions. All so you can uncage yours too.” You are confined only by the bars you build yourself.
YT - Live Uncaged

2018 YT Bike Range

The new YT fleet is available now on Brand new specifications, high quality designs and the return of the DIRT LOVE make for an exciting start to the new season.  JEFFSY 27 and 29, TUES and DIRT LOVE are once again available in the exclusive flagship paintjob “Liquid Metal” and will certainly turn some heads out on trails and parks. In line with their philosophy of providing the right tool for every type of rider, there are plenty of builds available: from more affordable entry-level machines to exclusive premium race rigs, boasting a focus on maximum performance.

Eleven +

And true to their core YT again push boundaries with the component selection. Always looking for more from their components YT has defined Eleven+ as THE DRIVE OF 2018 for their JEFFSY fleet. They exclusively use the new 1x11 e*thirteen TRS+ Cassette with a 511% gear range, outperforming traditional 12-speed transmissions by 11%. This 11speed system is not only lighter, but also distinctly more durable and much easier to adjust, making it the perfect package for at least 11% more #GoodTimes out on the trails.

Jeffsy 27 and 29

Whether you prefer 27,5” or 29” wheels – the JEFFSY represents YT’s very own definition of trail riding. With gravity DNA, JEFFSY is the most aggressive all-mountain bike on the market for all those of you, who want to ride a tad faster, more aggressive and more creative. 

The flagship JEFFSY CF Pro Race is a bike ready to race. Every aspect is tuned for uncompromising performance. It's a premium ride with only the very best components: Kashima-coated FOX Factory suspension and FOX Transfer dropper post, SRAM Guide Ultimate brakes, Renthal cockpit and the e*thirteen TRS+ race-proven wheels and cranks to name but a few. 

The JEFFSY CF Pro is equipped with equally careful selected premium components, such as the FOX Float Performance Elite suspension - offering excellent responsiveness and racing-level adjustability. 
The JEFFSY CF and AL Comp models boast a Rock Shox suspension with perfect performance and easy adjustment settings. The JEFFSY AL marks the starting point for serious trail riding. Naturally, it's tailored to the needs of the ambitious entry-level rider. However, sophisticated geometry and a well thought-out, high-value parts spec are raising the performance bar in this segment making this version an enticing option for experienced riders, too. 


The TUES is capable of anything. Set it against the clock and, as Aaron Gwin has been proving since 2016, it can dominate World Cup racing. Point it down the craziest slopes of the Rampage or the FEST series, on the other hand, and it's the tool for un-rideable lines, colossal jumps and loose whips.

The TUES CF Pro Race version is for all those, who would like to have a bit of World Cup taste in their garage. For the 2018 model YT is using exactly the same build Aaron Gwin is racing in the World Cup. The premium suspension package consists of the Kashima coated FOX 40 FLOAT Factory fork and the FOX FLOAT X2 Factory shock. With the EVOL air spring technology featured in the fork in 2018 this package truly delivers World Cup pedigree. YT furthermore specs the TRP G-Spec Quadiem brake, one of the most powerful and reliable brakes on the market. A Renthal cockpit, the e*thirteen cassette with just 180 grams and a 233% range as well as the e*thirteen LG1r Race – an incredibly light yet extremely robust downhill race crank – complete the package. 

The TUES CF boats FOX 40 and FOX Float X2 suspension, with the fork also featuring the EVOL air spring technology. The new SRAM Code RS brakes have been given a complete overhaul for 2018. They combine impressive braking power with excellent modulation, and offer both bite point and reach adjustment for the levers with fade-free performance even on the longest, steepest runs. Young Talents galore: a YT must be competitive and thanks to their roots, YT understand this applies to an entry-level build as much as any other. The TUES AL ticks this box with ease. Performance comes as standard with excellent geometry and outstanding component selection. A hell of a machine, the TUES AL offers a flying start in the downhill game.

The roots of YT can be found in dirt jumping, which is why a lot of development work has flown into the DIRT LOVE and that's how technology usually only found in aluminum frames has crossed over to revolutionize the DIRT LOVE’s steel: hydroforming. Yet again YT prove they don’t do things like the mainstream. While other brands have moved to building dirt frame out of aluminium, YT keep to the steel roots for dirt frame, as the material offers more flex, while at the same time the hydroformed, double-butted CrMo frame is stronger, stiffer, and lighter than comparable steel frames. The Pike DJ used for the build is the designated fork for all this progression. The hardnut brother of the award-winning Pike features a sturdy 35mm chassis, yet is both light and stiff. A custom-tuned charger damper shines on any type of jump, and the similarly jump-honed Solo Air spring offers significant end-stroke ramp-up for buttery smooth landings. SRAM Level TL brakes are feather-light heavyweights that inherit well-proven tech of SRAM’s Guide trail brakes, while super strong DT Swiss 533D wheels are built to expect the odd over-rotated trick and dirty landing.

Go to for more detailed information about the 2018 range.




2018 Guerrilla Gravity Updates


Boom! Here it is. The 2018 updates you've been waiting for...

To start, we have some good news: 2018 builds give you more shred for your buck! We’ve been bustin’ ass on the backend to make mountain biking more awesome, not more expensive. So far, so good! Operational updates have allowed us to reduce our costs, increase efficiencies, and bring CNC machining in-house - and we’re passing the savings onto riders! Framesets now start at $1,995 and complete full suspension builds are starting at $2,995. Where else can you get made in ‘Merica for under $3,000!?

2018 Guerrilla Gravity Component And Accessory Updates

  • The new MRP Ribbon Coil fork is available on every build by request
  • Spank bars, stems, and pedals for dat bling! Available in black, red, and blue, so you can mix and match to heart’s desire (maybe match the spokes with the new Industry Nine wheelset options?)
  • SRAM Eagle available on every build
  • Bike Yoke Revive dropper posts in 160 and 185 mm travel lengths with their self-bleeding function
  • Carbon wheels: for the first time carbon wheels are available on all builds with DT Swiss XMC 1200. One of the most reliable carbon options on the market!
  • Huck Norris and CushCore tire inserts are available with every bike and come installed with your wheelset as part of a complete bike or frameset

2018 GG Frame Updates

  • More dropper post insertion! We’ve been able to move the stealth routing port on the frames to allow an additional 30 mm of seat post insertion allowing you to run a Bike Yoke 185 mm post in a size Small (full suspension frame)
  • New decals! The new waterslide decals are more durable and exclusive GG wind tunnel testing shows a reduced drag by .666% (the devil is in the details!)*
    • * DISCLAIMER: We don’t actually have a wind tunnel...
  • New Limited Edition colors!
    • F* Yeah Red
    • Glow in the Gnar
    • LamborGG
    • White Knuckles

2018 GG Updates Here