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2016 Canyon Sender 

Your line is the difference between the podium and no man’s land. Blazing trail through a rock garden, hitting that hidden transfer or cutting the corner everyone is railing, piecing together the perfect run is an art form. To make it happen, we set out to create the ultimate downhill bike with geometry configured for absolute control, suspension that builds momentum on track and a construction that leaves no doubts in your mind.

This is where we Draw The Line.

The all-new Sender CF.

Canyon Sender Geometry


When developing the Sender’s four-bar suspension system we set out to create the perfect mix of three interlocking characteristics: anti-squat, pedal kickback and anti-rise. Finding the sweetspot for all three results in a system that delivers efficiency, control and builds momentum on track.

Inspired by motocross setups, our all-new MX Link enables us to tune the shock leverage ratio independent of any other factors.

The combination of our MX Link and the latest generation of lightweight, highly adjustable air shocks means we can create the ideal racing suspension setup consisting of three distinct phases.

Triple Phase Suspension

Phase 1: Air shocks require more force for activation than coil shocks. The MX Link transmits high power at the start of the stroke to overcome this. The result is outstanding responsiveness, small bump sensitivity and traction around the sag point equal to riding a coil shock.

Phase 2: Lower power through the mid-stroke provides a stable platform to reduce momentum loss. This enables the rider to actively pump for more track speed and make pinpoint line choices.

Phase 3: We combine the progressiveness of air shocks with a moderate progression at the end of the stroke to avoid blowing through the travel and give the suspension its bottomless feel.

Geo Tune

No two tracks are the same, but Geo Tune means you can transform the Sender’s geometry to match the terrain. For tracks that are either faster and steeper, or flatter and twistier, standard 63° headset cups can be swapped out for eccentric cups that enable a slacker 62° or steeper 64°. Chainstay length is also easy to adjust to suit both course and riding style. Where tight corners make all the difference, the shorter 430 mm setting provides a rapid responding rear end. If high speed is what it takes, the longer 466 mm setting increases stability.

Canyon Sender 9 CF
Canyon Sender 9 Build Kit
Canyon Sender 9 CF
Canyon Sender 8 Build Kit
Canyon Sender 7
Canyon Sender 7 Build Kit


2016 EWS Round 2 Day 1 Results

Such an incredible day’s racing here in Argentina. Crashes, mechanicals and new faces at the top – what more could you ask for?! With three stages to go tomorrow and some crazy conditions to contend with, this race is far from over! But for today, you’re top 3 looks like this;

Pro Men Results

1 Richie Rude

2 Martin Maes

3 Toni Ferreiro

Pro Women Results

1 Cecile Ravanel

2 Isabeau Courdurier

3 Casey Brown


E Thirteen Introduces The TRS Tires & Wheels

Our new TRS tire and wheel combo; the best wheel system out there for perfect fit, more control, and more fun.

E Thirteen brought Cory down to ride once again in SLO. They filmed this video to promote their new tires and wheels....


Our tread pattern features an agressive tread design with a structural, angled base on the side knobs to control roll under high speed cornering. Sipes are positioned to provide confident transitions from straight lines to cornering and confident braking traction. Ramped, shorter center knobs keep TRS tires rolling surprisingly fast for an aggressive tire.

We wanted a tire that bridged the gap between too light XC/Trail tires and a too heavy full DH casing tires. TRS tires feature a reinforced sidewall that creates a more stable contact patch than an XC tire by preventing folding under compression, but in a sub 1000g tire. Cornering confidence and durability at an acceptable weight.

Have you put a tubeless tire on with a regular floor pump before? We have. One of our main goals in developing a tire was to perfect tubeless fit. Our bead is tubeless compatible, works with hooked and hookless beads and will fit perfectly with TRS rims.


TRS Race Tires Specs

  • Actual weight: 902 grams
  • Actual tire widths (23mm inner rim width):
    • Casing: 2.23
    • Tread: 2.32
  • Sticky Triple compound
  • Tubeless Ready casing
  • Reinforced sidewall
  • ETRTO: 584
  • Large side knobs
  • Multi-angled siping
  • Hooked & hookless rim compatible
  • Optimized for 24-31mm internal width rims
  • Made in Taiwan
  • e*thirteen part # TR1TRA-100

DT Announces New Spline One Wheels

Whatever you’re riding, the new generation SPLINE ONE offers the right wheelset for every kind of use. Resulting in more traction, more comfort and greater efficiency, on any trail, for any rider. The new generation SPLINE ONE takes it one step further. It is the perfect wheel for every biker, featuring the most advanced technologies and the highest level of quality for each application. The new generation SPLINE ONE set a new benchmark for alloy MTB wheels.

In spring 2013 the SPLINE® ONE wheels revolutionized the world of alloy MTB wheels. But a lot has happened in the last three years. The world of mountain biking has grown much more diverse. More standards have popped up, the field of applications has diversified and even the rider expectations have increased. The simple combination of light and durable is no longer enough. Today’s keywords are: Plus sizes, wider tires, wider rims and new hub standards. DT Swiss is prepared for this new era. Ready with the new SPLINE® ONE wheels!

The new generation SPLINE® ONE takes it one step further. It is the perfect wheel for every biker, featuring the most advanced technologies and the highest level of quality for each application. These SPLINE® ONE wheels set new benchmarks for alloy MTB wheels.


The new 22.5 mm wide Cross Country specific XR 1501 SPLINE® ONE comes with all the advancements of a modern Cross Country rim, only at 2.5 mm more width – providing more air volume for the same size tire which creates more traction and comfort. The asymmetric rim further improves spoke angles, making the wheel even stiffer, more precise handling and more responsive.


In addition to the current 22.5 mm inner width All Mountain rim, we offer the new XM 1501 SPLINE® ONE model in a number of additional widths: 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm and even a  40 mm. The XM 1501 SPLINE® ONE is the perfect combination of light weight, multiple rim widths and reliability.  With a total of five rim widths to choose from for only one category of wheels we now offer the perfect solution for each individual riding style and bike, be it standard sized tires or the wider yet „Plus-Size“ tires.



Focus Big Bird 36"?

After three years of intensive development, FOCUS have finally lifted the veil of secrecy and revealed the latest stage of mountain biking's evolution. Alongside the FOCUS XC Team and Florian Vogel, this super-sized bike has come out of development and onto the market. Bike developers and pros stand united: this racing machine marks a milestone in mountain biking history. The Cloppenburg-based brand have once again redefined comfort, speed and grip.



Elegant, dynamic, mind-blowingly quick – the new groundbreakingly innovative FOCUS BIG BIRD swoops onto the trails with outstanding riding characteristics. Ultra advanced technology is at the root of its exorbitant kick, and the 36" wheels deliver the maximum grip and comfort with minimal rolling resistance. The FLAMINGO 36 Doublebarrier ER forks strike the perfect balance between rigidity and unforeseen steering precision.

Otherworldly technology

The state-of-the-art U.L.A. material has been developed alongside a world-leading space travel institute to render it not only extremely light but also ultra robust thanks to the pioneering molecular qualities of the surface, individually customised for every single bike thanks to high-tech nanotechnology. This allows FOCUS to guarantee a 100% dirt-free ride, with a frame that’s unaffected in even the filthiest weather conditions. Applying bionics from the FOCUS development team’s research in the animal kingdom, this nature-inspired technology is the catalyst for a brand new approach to World Cup-dominating race machines.

Hand in hand with the world’s best

The striking FOCUS BIG BIRD has been developed alongside the legendary Florian Vogel and the well-known FOCUS XC Team.

Perfection in the details

Hand-laced in the light of the full moon, the wheels are ready to tackle any terrain, with the front SPERM WHALE glued to the ground while the rear CHEETAH generates masses of traction. Low and wide, the cockpit with the super integrated Turtleclamp stem takes the BIG BIRD to never-before-seen levels of aerodynamics, while guaranteeing the utmost precision in handling.



Frame: FOCUS BIG BIRD, 0711 U.L.A. RHYNO tubeshape

Fork: FOCUS FLAMINGO 36 Doublebarrier ER 

Brakes: SRAM XX1

Derailleur: SRAM XX1

Shifter: SRAM XX1

Chain: SRAM XX1



Spokes: FOCUS 36 MILLIPEDE Attack 1.8/2.3/1.9


Tires: FOCUS 36 SPERM WHALE 36x2,5 Double Ply 50a front / 

FOCUS 36 CHEETAH 36x2,5 Triplecore EVO


Seatpost: Concept CPX

Saddle: Fizik

Headset: Acros 36

Handlebar: FOCUS THE FALCON aerotuck lowbar


Grips: Concept


Price: 4999,00€