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2016 Lourdes WC Round 1 Timed Training Results Men

Timed Training Results Men Top 20


YT Jeffsy Announced

With JEFFSY, the guys and gals out of Forchheim attack the Trail Bike category and get rid of prejudices regarding 29ers. YT’s latest bike is definitely the most gravity-capable Trail Bike on the market: a downhill-ready geometry, a voluminous but light frame and a compact silhouette with superb specs.

CTO Stefan Willared and his team put in the work of three years to develop JEFFSY. When they started the design for a new bike, it was not their goal to develop a 29er. Their main questions were: What does the perfect Trail Bike even look like? And what is Trail Biking, the YT way? At the beginning, nobody would have thought that they would come up with a 29” bike but they were open to all sorts of different concepts. The guys had one mission on their schedules: Developing a true trail-rocket which is comfortable and smooth to ride on, ready for you to shred hard and still has looks to kill for.
After countless tests and variations, they quickly realized that the larger wheels definitely fit in brilliantly with YT’s gravity genes. However, what does this actually mean?

The Virtual 4 Link suspension technology, which has already proven itself on the TUES and CAPRA is also equipped on JEFFSY’s rear end. The frame has a downhill-capable geometry and JEFFSY already had observers doubting if they are actually looking at a 29er.

The 66,8° head tube angle is one of the most aggressive ones of the Trail Bike category. The low bottom bracket lets you sit directly in the sweet spot of the bike. With the equipped Flip Chip technology, the rider has the option to either ride JEFFSY in a high or low position, the latter responsible for a bigger BB drop and a more aggressive head tube angle. The low stand over height, the wide riser handlebar and the compact chain stays ensure optimal and completely atypical handling for a 29er. YT doesn’t accept any compromises; therefore, the length of the rear triangle is optimized for each frame size. Sounds like JEFFSY is the perfect all-round bike out there.

JEFFSY’s voluminous but light full carbon frame and its compact silhouette already have some observers doubting whether they are actually looking at a 29er. With its aggressive headtube angle, low standover height and compact chainstays JEFFSY is a player among trail bikes, ready to go fast and get loose in the roughest of terrain. The length of the rear triangle comes optimized for each frame size and ensures a completely new and atypical handling for a 29er.

Thanks to the flip chip technology, JEFFSY’s geometry can be perfectly adapted to different terrain and to your style of riding. The low position gives you a more aggressive headtube angle and a bigger BB drop – perfect for quick and grimey downhill sections. The high position provides a smaller BB drop, so you can blast trails and tight turns with more ground clearance. Our prized Virtual 4 Link suspension technology is present on JEFFSY as well; sensitive, progressive, with lots of mid-travel support. This does not only give you the confidence needed for big gaps and rugged terrain but also makes pedaling a lot more efficient. The tube walls are thicker in critical areas to make sure the frame can handle the abuse, and integrated protectors keep the downtube and chainstays out of harm’s way when the action heats up.

YT Jeffsy CF Pro Spec's

The standout highlights of our top of the line model are the DT Swiss carbon wheels and the FOX suspension components consisting of the FOX Float DPS Factory shock and the FOX 34 Float Factory fork. The 780mm wide carbon handlebar and carbon cranks complete this high end build. With SRAM’s X01 transmission you shift precisely, easily, and silently, and should things get a little hectic, the Guide Ultimate brakes slow you down with authority. The JEFFSY CF Pro is the no-holds-barred bike for riders who accept no compromises.

YT Jeffsy Geometry


YT’s gravity background runs deep in the specs of the JEFFSY CF Comp 1:  RockShox’ PIKE RCT3 fork and Monarch RC3 shock are ready to smoothly take on any root nest or rock garden. The wide RaceFace cockpit provides a maximum of control on wild descents and SRAM’s Guide RSC brakes provide ultimate stopping power. The 1x11 drivetrain calmly shifts into next gear.


With the JEFFSY CF Comp 2, YT offers a Trail Bike with prime specs. The 2x11 drivetrain allows a wider range of gears to shift through, so there are no excuses for the next uphill section. This carbon bike comes equipped with an entire Shimano XT group that is snappy and reliable, as well as a wide RaceFace cockpit, a RockShox Reverb Stealth, and sturdy 2.4” Onza Ibex tires.


The aluminum version, JEFFSY AL Comp 1 also gets a full load of dependable parts. RockShox’ Pike RCT3 and Monarch RT3 get riders through gnarly sections with ease and have your back for racing as well. SRAM’S GX 1x11 drivetrain ensures smooth shifting and the Guide RS brakes slow any rider down when things get out of hand. The 2.4” wide tires by Onza not only look good, but also deliver when it is time to send it through the rough stuff. At 13.5 kg the JEFFSY AL is a weapon for any trail and there are still some bucks left for the next bike trip.


For anybody looking for a wider range of gears, the AL Comp 2 with its 2x11 drivetrain is the right choice. The RockShox Pike RCT3 and Monarch RT3 keep things smooth even in the roughest terrain. When it comes to shifting gears and braking, Shimano’s XT group ensures precise shifting, optimal chain line and excellent reliability. Onza’s 2.4” tires are puncture resistant and offer great traction. Naturally, the RockShox Reverb Stealth is part of the stock JEFFSY AL Comp 2 build.


The JEFFSY AL is the entry level trail bike available for a killer price: Even with this model, riders can expect top quality specs: Armed with the RockShox Pike RC and Monarch R the bike is ready for the next adventure. A 2x10 drivetrain has a full range of gears to choose from and Shimano’s SLX brakes bring you to a safe stop when needed. The stock build also includes a RockShox Reverb Stealth, a wide RaceFace cockpit, and tough, reliable Onza Ibex tires.

JEFFSY is the perfect choice for long trips through the woods, alpine and blocked terrain and rough descents. The 29” wheels and their immense drive let you conquer the steepest mountains with ease. Obstacles are a piece of cake due to the larger wheel diameters- uphill as well as downhill.
Hence, JEFFSY is born to rule any trail and offers a whole lot of gravity potential for riders to get wild and rowdy.

Whether you prefer to go wild on a carbon or an aluminum bike is something we leave completely up to you. The aluminum JEFFSY is no less remarkable than its carbon buddy, because both versions are based on the same platform. However, aluminum is a less expensive material, so it offers all the bangs for less bucks compared to the carbon bike. Reliability and a lower starting price are factors that speak for our well-equipped aluminum models.


Of course we have also achieved high levels of stiffness and reliability during the development of our carbon frames. Using a monocoque production technique, the tube walls have been given extra thickness where required to stand up to the strong forces generated in critical areas. The carbon frames weigh significantly less than their aluminum counterparts, and form the basis for our PRO models, which also feature the finest components.

2016 YT Jeffsy


2016 Canyon Sender 

Your line is the difference between the podium and no man’s land. Blazing trail through a rock garden, hitting that hidden transfer or cutting the corner everyone is railing, piecing together the perfect run is an art form. To make it happen, we set out to create the ultimate downhill bike with geometry configured for absolute control, suspension that builds momentum on track and a construction that leaves no doubts in your mind.

This is where we Draw The Line.

The all-new Sender CF.

Canyon Sender Geometry


When developing the Sender’s four-bar suspension system we set out to create the perfect mix of three interlocking characteristics: anti-squat, pedal kickback and anti-rise. Finding the sweetspot for all three results in a system that delivers efficiency, control and builds momentum on track.

Inspired by motocross setups, our all-new MX Link enables us to tune the shock leverage ratio independent of any other factors.

The combination of our MX Link and the latest generation of lightweight, highly adjustable air shocks means we can create the ideal racing suspension setup consisting of three distinct phases.

Triple Phase Suspension

Phase 1: Air shocks require more force for activation than coil shocks. The MX Link transmits high power at the start of the stroke to overcome this. The result is outstanding responsiveness, small bump sensitivity and traction around the sag point equal to riding a coil shock.

Phase 2: Lower power through the mid-stroke provides a stable platform to reduce momentum loss. This enables the rider to actively pump for more track speed and make pinpoint line choices.

Phase 3: We combine the progressiveness of air shocks with a moderate progression at the end of the stroke to avoid blowing through the travel and give the suspension its bottomless feel.

Geo Tune

No two tracks are the same, but Geo Tune means you can transform the Sender’s geometry to match the terrain. For tracks that are either faster and steeper, or flatter and twistier, standard 63° headset cups can be swapped out for eccentric cups that enable a slacker 62° or steeper 64°. Chainstay length is also easy to adjust to suit both course and riding style. Where tight corners make all the difference, the shorter 430 mm setting provides a rapid responding rear end. If high speed is what it takes, the longer 466 mm setting increases stability.

Canyon Sender 9 CF
Canyon Sender 9 Build Kit
Canyon Sender 9 CF
Canyon Sender 8 Build Kit
Canyon Sender 7
Canyon Sender 7 Build Kit


2016 EWS Round 2 Day 1 Results

Such an incredible day’s racing here in Argentina. Crashes, mechanicals and new faces at the top – what more could you ask for?! With three stages to go tomorrow and some crazy conditions to contend with, this race is far from over! But for today, you’re top 3 looks like this;

Pro Men Results

1 Richie Rude

2 Martin Maes

3 Toni Ferreiro

Pro Women Results

1 Cecile Ravanel

2 Isabeau Courdurier

3 Casey Brown


E Thirteen Introduces The TRS Tires & Wheels

Our new TRS tire and wheel combo; the best wheel system out there for perfect fit, more control, and more fun.

E Thirteen brought Cory down to ride once again in SLO. They filmed this video to promote their new tires and wheels....


Our tread pattern features an agressive tread design with a structural, angled base on the side knobs to control roll under high speed cornering. Sipes are positioned to provide confident transitions from straight lines to cornering and confident braking traction. Ramped, shorter center knobs keep TRS tires rolling surprisingly fast for an aggressive tire.

We wanted a tire that bridged the gap between too light XC/Trail tires and a too heavy full DH casing tires. TRS tires feature a reinforced sidewall that creates a more stable contact patch than an XC tire by preventing folding under compression, but in a sub 1000g tire. Cornering confidence and durability at an acceptable weight.

Have you put a tubeless tire on with a regular floor pump before? We have. One of our main goals in developing a tire was to perfect tubeless fit. Our bead is tubeless compatible, works with hooked and hookless beads and will fit perfectly with TRS rims.


TRS Race Tires Specs

  • Actual weight: 902 grams
  • Actual tire widths (23mm inner rim width):
    • Casing: 2.23
    • Tread: 2.32
  • Sticky Triple compound
  • Tubeless Ready casing
  • Reinforced sidewall
  • ETRTO: 584
  • Large side knobs
  • Multi-angled siping
  • Hooked & hookless rim compatible
  • Optimized for 24-31mm internal width rims
  • Made in Taiwan
  • e*thirteen part # TR1TRA-100
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