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SRAM Eagle 12spd

SRAM introduced the first-ever, purpose-built 1x drivetrain, and is the absolute leader in 1x technology and innovation. We have manufactured, tested and ridden hundreds of thousands of SRAM 1x™ drivetrains, and have capitalized on the lessons learned from our experience to create all-new drivetrains with Eagle™ Technology. Eagle™ drivetrains provide unparalleled performance, enhanced toughness and durability, and the freedom of a 500-percent gear range.

SRAM XX1 Eagle

We built the incredible new XX1 Eagle™ drivetrain to work quietly, intuitively, precisely and perfectly. Whether you’re an hour and twelve minutes into a World Cup XC or, just about to hit the top of Pearl Pass—XX1 Eagle™ is ready for that and every place in between. This cross-country-optimized drivetrain combines our newest generation of SRAM 1x™ drivetrain technological advancements with lightweight materials. With a greater gear range of 500-percent, XX1 Eagle™ gives you smoother, more precise shifts with greater durability for long lasting performance so you can spend more time in the gear you want. XX1 Eagle™ just rewrote the rules of freedom.

SRAM X01 Eagle

The X01 Eagle™ drivetrain signals an exciting new era of freedom and the next level of uncompromising performance for enduro racers and aggressive trail riders. Watching the world’s best racers use our parts to battle against nature, physics and time itself, has inspired us to supply them with the most advanced tools we can develop. X01 Eagle™ takes everything you love about our pioneering 1x drivetrains and increases its wear life, toughness, precision, smooth and silent operation. Add to that the 10- to 50-tooth, 12-speed, Eagle™ cassette, and you have a range of gears that gives you the freedom to enjoy the benefit of 1x in any terrain, any location and at any speed. X01 Eagle™ is drivetrain freedom—how you exploit it is up to you.

Tucked neatly beneath your handlebars, the X01 Eagle™ X-ACTUATION™ trigger shifter is the nerve center of the Eagle™ drivetrain. Its internal works have been updated to include a 12th gear, and improved to enhance trigger feel, precision and durability. Whether you’re 4 stages into the race or days away from civilization, the X01 Eagle™ trigger shifter is your faithful 1x touch point.

  • New mechanism creates a smoother and more precise shifting system with exceptional reliability
  • Forged aluminum trigger designed to take a beating
  • Customizable setup via the adjustable pull-lever and MatchMaker™ X

This new derailleur not only answers the Eagle™ drivetrain’s need for greater capacity, but it’s also the next evolution of our proven, 1x-specific X-HORIZON™ design. The larger, 14-tooth X-SYNC™ lower pulley allows 10- to 50-tooth cassette capacity in this relatively compact design, and also adds to Eagle’s overall smooth-pedaling feel. Our new, Type-3 ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ features a smoother torque curve for a quieter, more consistent operation and feel. CAGE LOCK™ has been moved back and out of the way, protecting it from trail debris. And a redesigned, robust mounting system further improves the Eagle™ derailleur’s performance and overall durability.

  • Completely redesigned rear derailleur incorporating our proven X-HORIZON™ design and new Type-3 ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ technology
  • Re-engineered mounting system and repositioned CAGE LOCK™ add robustness
  • Eagle™ pulley technology provides greater efficiency, crisper shifting and quieter
  • Aluminum cage and lightweight hardware make it light and tough

We know you have a lot of choices when choosing a crankset, and that choice says a lot about your personal style. We designed the new X01 Eagle™ crankset for riders who feel most stylish when they stand on top of the podium. This is a completely reengineered design, employing our proprietary CARBON TUNED™ lay-up technology. Built tough, to handle aggressive lines through rock gardens and big hits wherever you find them, the new X01 Eagle™ is the strongest, stiffest, lightest crankset available. Combined with the new Eagle™ direct mount chainrings, and as an integral part of the Eagle™ drivetrain, this is a crankset that gives your ride a winning style—assuming you’re into that sort of thing.

  • The strongest, stiffest, lightest crankset available
  • All-new SRAM CARBON TUNED™ crank technology provides extreme stiffness and light weight
  • All-new chainring technology is designed specifically for Eagle™ chains and drivetrains
  • The X-SYNC™ 2 chainring provides significantly quieter performance, with better mud clearing and extraordinary durability

Take a quick look at the new X-DOME™ Eagle™ cassette. The last dangling shred of an argument in favor of a mountain bike front derailleur is now officially dead. Designed for use with our proven, reliable XD™ driver body, this 12-speed, 10- to 50-tooth cassette offers an optimal 500-percent gear range at a considerably lighter weight than 2x systems. It carries with it the X-DOME™ architecture, which, independent tests have concluded, yields the strongest cassettes on the market. New shifting characteristics improve both, inboard and outboard shifting, as well as chain retention.

  • SRAM’s cassette manufacturing technology provides the greatest durability and lightest weight
  • All-new shifting features create a smoother, quieter system with enhanced inboard and outboard shift performance
  • XD™ driver body compatible
  • 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 32, 36, 42, 50


It might look normal from the outside, but the engineering inside this incredible new chain design that makes possible a gear range previously found only in 2-chainring drivetrains. And it’s also the biggest contributor to the Eagle™ drivetrain’s ultra-smooth, precise, durable and quiet performance. The Eagle™ chain’s links have a smooth radius, with no sharp edges or chamfers, which yield a significant reduction in noise, friction and wear on chainrings and cassette cogs. This design also allows for a flatter plate, which means more consistent chain riveting and greater overall strength. HARD CHROME™ technology extends the chain’s optimal performance life, and a Titanium Nitride coating on the Gold and Black models decreases corrosion and further reduces friction.

  • Groundbreaking new chain design and technology
  • The Eagle™ chain has been completely re-engineered, and is produced with new manufacturing technology
  • All-new Eagle™ PowerLock® chain connector with FLOW LINK™ technology provides better chain-guiding and increased longevity
  • The X01 Eagle™ chain is the quietest, strongest and most wear-resistant chain in the world
  • Unique features and design also provide significantly improved wear resistance on Eagle™ cassettes and rings

The radical new look and feel of our X-SYNC™ 2 Eagle™ chainring is a direct result of SRAM drivetrain engineers studying the performance and wear characteristics of thousands of X-SYNC™ chainrings. We subjected every size of chainring to untold environmental and mechanical tortures, abuse and neglect, in both lab and real-world settings, to come up with a chainring that would augment the Eagle™ drivetrain’s performance in all conditions. The longer, positive-rake tooth shape has been designed to work perfectly with the new Eagle™ chain to increase chain retention and overall pedaling efficiency, while decreasing friction, noise and wear.

  • X-SYNC™ 2 chainring design increases chain retention, wear life, and reduces friction and noise.
  • Designed to be used with Eagle™ chain



Devinci Announces The Django

Django. Fast Draw.

Freedom on the bike is all about breaking from the starch and sending it into the dirt-sphere with power, speed, and finesse. Devinci’s new Split-Pivot Django actualizes those aspirations on the trail, with an optimal blend of 130mm front/120mm rear suspension. Surefooted 27.5 wheels enhance traction on wet, slippery surfaces and deliver appreciated stability. And alloy and carbon frame architecture augments punchy acceleration with precision handling and a lively overall feel. Whether sticking fierce, fast descents or finding optimal flow over upturned environments, Django seizes the opportunities ahead. Its lifetime warranty fuels the advance. *Image may not show accurate specifications. Please refer to specifications below. *


Django Carbon XT Specs



Frame Features

  • 5th generation of all mountain Split Pivot frame
  • New geometry with a top tube 20 mm longer on all sizes to fit a wider range of customers
  • Tapered head tube Precise control and the best strength-to-weight ratio in the business
  • Lower stand-over height Delivering prime stand-over fit, and a super-low center of gravity for enhanced handling
  • DMC-G Devinci monocoque carbon lighter, stiffer, and more responsive
  • Featuring EPS molding with T700 carbon fiber Ultra-short chainstays Pin-it acceleration, combined with superior driver's seat handling
  • Split pivot Suspension system Separates acceleration forces from braking forces for synchronized feel
  • AXIS & FRG ADJUSTABLE Perfect balance, minimum unsprung mass, and prime hi/lo geometry adjustment for perfect settings
  • Boost 148 standard Stiffer rear wheel
  • Internal cable routing Protection from elements
  • Deluxe, aerodynamic styling Asymmetrical construction: Milking the most performance out of every frame angle, improved torsional stiffness 27.5 dedicated 2.35'' maximum tire clearance
  • Increased bottom out force Increased progressivity for improved bottoming out forces

Spring has yet to combust in the North Carolina woods—but that hasn’t stopped Evan Voss and Brandon Blakely from ripping some ultra-fun trails as of late. Fast and playful lines, you’ll find them here. As well as rock drops, random bank hits, burly step-downs, and send-it berms. It’s some jangly territory for these smooth operators, a perfect pairing for the Devinci Django.

Devinci Django Full Line

For more than 25 years, Devinci has designed and built bikes that exceed the highest industry standards. This video present the production of the all new Django. A rare opportunity to learn more about Devinci’s expertise, live from our factory in Chicoutimi, Canada.


It’s Back: The FMB Diamond Series 2016

Munich, March 7th 2016: The FMB Diamond Series is back! As we speak the top FMB athletes are jet setting across the globe to New Zealand for the initial FMB Diamond Series stop at Crankworx Rotorua. This season, the FMB Diamond Series ranking will be made up of five events: all four Diamond stops and, the best result from a Gold event, taking place before the last Diamond stop. The top eight athletes from 2015 are pre-qualified for the Diamond Series and the season finale will return to the home of slopestyle, Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler. Supporters can follow all the live action from New Zealand this weekend on Red Bull TV.

The 2016 world title battle will commence at the first Diamond event, Crankworx Rotorua on March 12th. With the first points on the board, it will become clear who put in the extra effort in the off-season. Athletes will then have eleven weeks to fine-tune their tricks before the second stop, Crankworx Les Gets (FRA). The third event will be shortly after at Swatch Prime Line (GER) as part of the MASH Action Sports Festival at Munich’s Olympic Park. While in previous years, the season finale was held at the infamous Red Bull Rampage, this season, the showdown will be held at the fourth Diamond stop and the mecca of slopestyle: Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler.

Diamond stops are the toughest, biggest and most competitive events in the sport. However, Gold events are also crucial for having a well-rounded season, which is why the fifth result counting towards an athlete’s standing in the Diamond Series will be from a Gold event. Their best result from any Gold event, held before the finale at Crankworx Whistler will count for the overall result. Supporting progression is a major goal of the FMB World Tour. Which is why this is also a great opportunity for upcoming riders, who might not yet be invited to Diamond stops, gain experience competing against the very best in the sport. Heavy weight Gold events, like the newly upgraded Swatch Rocket Air (SUI) and long-standing contests, 26TRIX in Leogang (AUT) and the Colorado Freeride Festival in Winterpark (USA) are all confirmed. The FISE World Series will bring three Gold events to the tour this year as well, including MTB contests in Montpellier (FRA), Chengdu (CHI) and Edmonton (CAN). The latter two events however, take place after the Diamond Series finale on August 20th.

The top slopestyle athletes are gearing up for another epic throw down at the world’s toughest events. After a remarkable 2015 season, will Thomas Genon be able to stay on top? Maybe Brett Rheeder will breakthrough and bring home the world title he has come so close to clinching in the past. Or perhaps trick machine, Nicholi Rogatkin will ride to the top. The FMB Diamond Series is their proving ground.

Competing in the FMB Diamond Series, athletes’ efforts will count towards the most elite world ranking in the sport. The top 8 Diamond Series riders from last season are automatically invited to compete at all 2016 Diamond Events. The remaining spots will be decided based on the FMB World Ranking – taken four weeks before each Diamond event as well as deserving wildcards.

Athletes that are not pre-qualified for the Diamond stops will have to secure their invitations at the Gold and Silver events, the FMBA will hand out two wildcards for each Diamond Event. With the inclusion of a Gold event result in the FMB Diamond Series, there is plenty of motivation to climb the rankings. More information about Silver and Bronze events can be found on the FMB World Tour


 A full FMB World Tour calendar will be published soon.

Like the newly upgraded Swatch Rocket Air (SUI) and long-standing contests, 26TRIX in Leogang (AUT) and the Colorado Freeride Festival in Winterpark (USA) are all confirmed. The FISE World Series will bring three Gold events to the tour this year as well, including MTB contests in Montpellier (FRA), Chengdu (CHI) and Edmonton (CAN). The latter two events however take place after the Diamond Series finale on August 20th.



The breakdown:

  • FMB Diamond Series comprises of 5 results: 4 Diamond events plus 1 Gold event result prior to August 20th 2016.
  • Season finale will take place at Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler.
  • Silver and Bronze event applications are still open. Hosts can apply here
  • Follow RBTV for Live event broadcasts
  • Athletes can still register for their FMB license, here.


Useful links:

More information about the Diamond Series can be found on the FMB World Tour website:


2016 Zerode Trail Bike Is Almost Here!!!


2016 UCI ELITE Mountain Bike Teams Announced

"The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has today published the list of UCI Mountain Bike Teams for 2016.

In total, 129 teams from 30 countries have been registered for the 2016 season. Two nations – Luxembourg and Malaysia – have registered a team for the first time, while Mexico returns with a team after an absence of four years.

As in previous years, 30 teams (15 Endurance teams and 15 Gravity teams) have been awarded UCI ELITE Mountain Bike status. Invitations to join this higher tier of teams were issued to the 12 top Endurance (XC) teams and 12 top Gravity (DHI) teams of a special ranking which was established on the basis of the individual UCI points won by the riders up until December 31st 2015. The three additional teams of each format (XC and DHI) offered UCI ELITE status were selected at the discretion of the UCI.

UCI ELITE Mountain Bike teams benefit from advantages including free entry to all races on the UCI Mountain Bike International Calendar in the discipline in which the team has ELITE status. This includes free entry, and an obligation to enter at least one rider, into all rounds of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup presented by Shimano.

The 2016 UCI ELITE Mountain Bike teams must confirm their status to the UCI and pay the corresponding fee by February 24th."

2016 UCI ELITE Mountain Bike Teams


  • Specialized Racing
  • Trek Factory Racing XC
  • BH-SR Suntour-KMC
  • CST Superior Brentjens Mountainbike Racing Team
  • Focus XC Team
  • Stöckli Pro Team
  • Multivan Merida Biking Team
  • SCOTT-ODLO MTB Racing Team
  • BMC Mountainbike Racing Team
  • Cannondale Factory Racing XC
  • Luna Pro Team
  • Novus OMX Pro Team
  • Ghost Factory Racing
  • Kross Racing Team
  • Versluys Team


  • Trek Factory Racing DH
  • Santa Cruz Syndicate
  • MS Mondraker Team
  • Commencal / Vallnord
  • Madison Saracen Factory Team
  • Specialized Gravity Powered by SRAM
  • Kona Factory Team
  • Polygon UR
  • Bergamont Hayes Factory Team
  • The YT Mob
  • Radon Magura Factory
  • Specialized Racing
  • Pivot Factory Racing
  • Transition Factory Racing / FMD
  • RRP


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