Cane Creek Announces The DB AIR [IL], OPT, and DROPT 

FLETCHER, N.C. – January 10th, 2017. Cane Creek Cycling Components is very proud to introduce the newest product to the Double Barrel family, the DB AIR [IL]. Three years in the making, the DB AIR [IL] is the next evolution of the most advanced inline shock. Launched in 2014, the Cane Creek DBInline was a leap forward in mountain bike suspension technology that was revered as a game changer to the industry. However, we acknowledged the need for a big jump in reliability. With the development of the DB AIR [IL], we have brought forth great advancements in our design and manufacturing processes, all in an effort to make our shocks more robust compared to the previous generation of in-line Double Barrel technology. These successful advancements that were used to create the DB AIR [IL] have also been employed into the new 2017 DBInline and DB COIL [IL] shocks, ensuring increased reliability across the entire in-line Double Barrel shock family. For detailed descriptions of these advancements and added features please refer to . DB AIR [IL] is available for purchase and shipment now.

In addition to the DB AIR [IL], Cane Creek Cycling Components is also introducing two new handle bar remote systems for 2017:

The OPT climb switch handlebar remote – allows handlebar access and optimized control to the climb switch function of any DB AIR [IL], DB COIL [IL], and DBInline shocks. OPT’s mechanical cable design was intended to keep the remote simple and reliable. OPT has two different mounting options to cater to several types of shock mounting orientations. To learn more about the OPT climb switch remote please refer to . OPT will be available for purchase and shipment February 1st.

The DROPT dropper seat post remote – designed with OPT in mind, is a universal remote that is compatible with any cable actuated dropper seat post. DROPT can be easily mounted on the same handlebar clamp with OPT to reduce handlebar clutter, and holds several adjustment features to create the ideal dropper post handlebar set up for all types of cable orientations and requirements. To learn more about the DROPT dropper seat post remote please refer to



Andrew Neethling Leaving Polygon UR Team 

Looks like Needles is leaving Polygon UR for 2017. Any guess as to where he will go?


Giant Announces Their 2017 Off Road Team

"Following an ambitious year that saw its riders compete at international off-road events of all disciplines, all around the globe, the Giant Factory Off-Road Team looks back at a successful 2016 season while also preparing for the year ahead.

The core of the team, including six-time Colombian downhill champion Marcelo Gutierrez and Australian enduro specialist Josh Carlson, will return for 2017, and at least three new riders will be added to the roster.

Highlights from the 2016 season included race wins and podium finishes at Crankworx World Tour events and Enduro World Series races around the world. Gutierrez won his sixth Colombian DH national championship, and Carlson continued his progression at the top level of enduro racing with a podium finish at the Whistler, British Columbia round of the EWS and a top-10 overall series ranking.

“It was another wild year on the enduro tour,” said Carlson. “I was especially stoked to come back from a crash and score that podium finish at Whistler with my friends and family there watching. We did a lot of development with our bikes and gear throughout the season, and I think it showed with some of our results.”

Carlson’s teammate Yoann Barelli also showed moments of brilliance in 2016, scoring two top-10 finishes in the Enduro World Series before he was slowed by injury in the second half of the season. And the surprise enduro racer for Giant last year was 20-year-old Canadian Mckay Vezina, a member of the North American Giant Co-Factory Team who broke onto the EWS circuit as a rookie and immediately became a consistent top-20 finisher.

The team’s U.S. riders Adam Craig and Carl Decker also chalked up some big results in North American racing. The versatile Craig scored wins in a variety of off-road events, from enduro to cyclocross, and Decker found success at races ranging from gravel grinders to XC and cyclocross competition.

Decker will return for 2017, targeting a mix of off-road races, events and festivals. Craig will also continue, but in a new capacity as an ambassador. The longtime Giant racer will evolve his role to help inspire riders of all levels, connect with retailers at events, and provide valuable rider input on new bike and gear development projects.

While the core of the team remains the same for 2017, French riders Yoann Barelli and Guillaume Cauvin, along with Spaniard Alex Marin and American Seamus Powell will depart at the end of the year.

“Each of those athletes brought a lot to our program,” said Giant Factory Off-Road Team manager Joe Staub. “Their energy and commitment has been a constant over the past few years. We wish them each good luck in the future.”

The coming year will also see some new faces for the team, with a focus on up-and-coming young talent. In enduro racing, Vezina will step up to become a full-fledged member of the Giant Factory Off-Road enduro squad. And for downhill racing, Gutierrez will be joined by young talents Jacob Dickson, a four-time junior national champion in Ireland, and Eliot Jackson, a former motocross racer from the U.S. who scored top-10 results at two Crankworx DH events last year.  

More information on the 2017 Giant Factory Off-Road Team, including the final team roster as well as all the details on new bikes, gear and equipment sponsors, will be announced in early 2017. 

 You can follow the Giant Factory Off-Road Team all season long on their Facebook page."


Zerode Taniwha

Zerode bikes came to market offering a downhill bike with a high pivot and a modified Shimano Alfine located just above the BB. The bike proved to offer incredible bump absorption, pedalling ability and great reliability. Now 6 years later Zerode is about ready to launch The Taniwha a 160mm travel all carbon trail bike that is using a 12spd Pinion at the BB. The bike went away from the high pivot model to help keep it lively and is now using a modified Single Pivot with a link up high above the rear hub on the stays. Keeping the chain line constant will help to make the bike maintain a constant pedaling platform throughout the travel.

"In Māori mythology, Taniwha (Māori pronunciation: [tanifa]) are highly respected protective guardians, or in some traditions, stealthy, predatory beings. The Zerode Taniwha could be seen as both of these.

Fundamentally the Zerode Taniwha is about making the mountain biking experience better. Nothing inspires us to ride more than a quiet, low maintenance, confidence inspiring bike

The 12 spd pinion gearbox offers a huge spread of gears that goes well beyond today's 1x11. Whether you are grinding up an epic backcountry single track or blasting down a high speed fire-road there is a gear to do the job. An unexpected pinch climb will never be a problem again, changing gear is effortless and immediate.

A significant reduction in unsprung weight ensures suspension performance that is undeniably better than any Enduro bike equipped with a rear derailleur. Symmetrical spoke angle ensures a very strong, light rear wheel that further improves suspension performance.

A simple, effective and proven suspension platform combined with a fixed chain line optimizes pedaling performance through the entire travel range. It is difficult to approach the elegance and performance of this layout with any virtual pivot design.A sleek full carbon frame offers excellent stiffness, reduced weight and flawless beauty in a modern geometry.

Maintenance and tuning of gears are almost nonexistent, sprocket and chain life are massively extended. On a Zerode, that brand new drivetrain feeling happens every day.

For those that ride for fun, the Zerode Taniwha will inspire you to ride in any conditions on any trail.
If you are racing, whether it for an EWS podium or for bragging-rights amongst mates, the Taniwha provides an edge your competition won't have."

Zerode Taniwha Geometry 

The Pinion adds about 1.75 LBS over an Eagle group and the yellow bike that has been showing around the internet is supposed to weigh 31 LBS. We had our Insurgent built to 32 lbs so this would be high 33 with a DH type build. So you do have added weight. The benefit of removing 1.5lbs off the rear wheel is claimed to be very noticeable while riding the bike. Only time will tell and we hope to get one to review in the near future!

Zerode Taniwha




Danny MacAskill is renowned all around the world for his exceptional skills on the trail and for his daredevilish trial tricks. In cooperation with him MAGURA have developed a brake, which perfectly suits the highest requirements demanded by an athlete of Danny's class - the MT7 Danny MacAskill. The Danny MacAskill Signatureline has been designed and specified together with the famous rider. This was done to ensure the brake system either meets or surpasses the requirements placed on it by a professional athlete. The 4 piston calliper is dressed in prominent raceline yellow and is complemented by a real highlight in the form of a new brake lever.



MAGURA has taken the HC3 technology from our motorcycle division and adapted it for bicycle application. The very first use of this new technology will be for the new MT7 Danny MacAskill. The HC3 lever blade allows for a manual adjustment of the mechnical leverage ratio and is designed to allow for an individual set up with regards to braking force required combined with a perfect pressure point. The ratio adjustment is a new development and elevates the brake system to a new level. The single finger lever offers ideal grip ergonomics.



In hard trail and trial applications the Danny MacAskill Signatureline features maximum stability in all conditions. Tried and tested - the award winning 4 piston MT7 brake power!



The packaging has also been individually designed for Danny MacAskill. The brakes are supplied in an aluminium presentation box and include two spare sets of 8.R brake pads as well as the set of 8.P brake pads used in the original system. The number of systems on offer is limited worldwide.


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