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2011 Zerode G-1 Impressions

So we have had the Zerode G-1 built up now for about 4 months. I have had ample time on the bike so far and a few new people have had some saddle time on the bike also. Overall the bike had some very strong points and a few quirks.

Building the bike was very easy. It has a 12mm by 150mm rear wheel. A 1.5" headtube we went with the Chris King variety there. Then we ran a Thomson 30.9mm seatpost. It takes 2 chains but actually uses one complete and about 1/3 of the other chain. The build quality of the bike is excellent and should be since it is being made at SAPA in Oregon.

The bike is the best bump eating bike we have tested to date. Those include some of the best DH specific sleds on the market. It flattens rocky terrain and the faster you go the more stable it feels. I am a fairly aggressive rider that is not smooth at all. I run over things in the way and am pretty strong. The rear of the bike is the stiffest I can remember riding. The Zerode has no flex that I could detect. It will go exactly where you aim it. Initially we did not have the Gearbox set up correctly so it hesitated to shift while under power. It turns out we needed to do some more fine tuning to it and now it is good. The bike is almost as nimble as the Transition TR 450 we tested awhile back. It is very easy to move around and change lines with.

It is a little heavier than the other bikes we have tested. Complete it weighs 41 lbs so it basically has about an extra pound or two on it. This is due partially to the Alfine Gearbox but also the tubing as these were the first batch Zerode went extra thick with the tubing and it is sitting at about .20mm wall thickness where some DH race sleds out there now are at .12mm! So the frame has a lot of extra metal to shave off and save weight. 

"The rearward path that the wheel travels is just amazing for the rocky trails in this area. It just eats up anything in its way. It is definitely the best bike I've ridden in regards to "square edge" hits. It sails over the rocks on that trail like they aren't even there. Compared to my V10 this bike is like a Cadillac, the ride is amazing."


One rider has decided he wants one for next season and he just had a go at 5 very impressive DH sleds over the last 3 months so that is saying something for sure. If you see us out there with be sure to stop us and check it out. Check out more at ZERODEUSA.


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