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2017 Marin Wolf Ridge

For over 30 years, Marin Bikes has searched for perfection in our mountain bikes. Years have been spent riding, learning, and searching for the ultimate suspension design that could break down the barriers that define our rides. We found a technology partner in Naild that shared our quest for suspension perfection, and that’s when things got interesting.

The full unidirectional carbon Wolf Ridge is built around the revolutionary 160mm travel Naild R3ACT – 2 Play suspension system, producing a bike that has the widest range of climbing to descending efficiency on the market, making it so you no longer have to compromise on suspension travel in search of pedaling efficiency. Countless late nights in the engineering department and early morning trail sessions combined to unlock mountain bike suspension perfection.

In development for nearly five years, we designed the Wolf Ridge utilizing biometric data for the perfect rider fit, applied physics for ideal kinematics based on the rider’s center of gravity, and the desire to create a bike that addresses the holy grail of mountain biking — a full suspension rig that doesn’t make you miss your hardtail on the climbs, and one that you can confidently point towards technical singletrack for the descent. The Marin Wolf Ridge is one bike to rule all of the trails that you love to ride.

The Wolf Ridge defines a paradigm shift in thinking that will force the rest of the market to take notice:

Where travel does not define category

Where a bike can climb and descend equally well

Where a bike can be at home in any terrain, with any rider – through the fast and flowy, or the rough and tumble

Where the mountain bike experience is mind-blowing
Marin Wolf Ridge Features
The Wolf Ridge was developed to be the most well rounded mountain bike on the market. The frame is engineered and built durable enough for trail and enduro use, while being light enough for cross-country riding; Component spec follows suit. The Wolf Ridge was not designed, and is not equipped, for downhill racing or bike park use.
Marin Wolf Ridge Geometry