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Scott Introduces The Gambler Tuned

The all NEW Gambler Tuned was designed for one thing and one thing only, pure, unadulterated speed. We made it to get you to take lines you’d never thought imaginable, to make you want to go to the bathroom before your race run - twice. We made it so that when you drop out of the start gate, the only aspect holding you back will be, well, you. Taking years of racing development and mixing it with our carbon expertise, this bike is our answer to the needs of white-knuckle downhill racing.


Our downhill bikes have always pushed the boundaries of adjustability. Both a rider and a bike need to be able to adapt to tracks, weather conditions and choice of shock (air or coil.) The new Gambler allows you to switch between wheelsizes without changing any other components on the bike.

Chain stay length can also be adjusted, independent of wheelsize choice. Short with 29”, sure thing. Long with 27.5? Yep, that too. The Gambler also comes with spare angled headset cups, so that you can adjust head angle relative to wheelsize, fork choice etc.

We also have a 4-way chip to allow not only bottom bracket height adjustment relative to wheelsize, but more importantly for geometry/kinematic tweaks depending on tracks, shocks or rider preference. We want the bike to be optimizable for each shock and rider given the track.

All this adjustment allows us to focus on balance. And by balance, we mean on the perfect combinations to find traction. Geometry and shock curve options help get a rider’s center of mass in the perfect spot between the wheels for optimum levels of balance and traction. However, as race tracks change, this balance point changes, and not all bikes can change with it – we wanted to be able to do so.

For instance, a bike with geometry for a steep track will roll slowly and push wide in turns on a flatter track, whereas a bike set up for flatter tracks will make it difficult for a rider to keep their center of gravity far enough back for steep tracks.


Compared to previous Gambler platforms, we now offer 4 sizes – S, M, L and XL. All sizes have been upsized and modernized with regards to geometry, providing an option for riders of all sizes. We don’t need to tell you any more about how the bike’s geometry is dialed for the job it has, but we do have some interesting points to mention. Saddle position is often very critical for racers, especially shorter ones. If a saddle that CAN give enough extra tire clearance to lower, or slide back the saddle by 10mm, it can make a huge difference. With the Gambler, we steepened the seat tube angle on the small and medium sized frames, which allows smaller riders to keep their saddle low and to avoid the dreaded tire buzz. For larger riders, we made sure to keep the saddle out of the leg area leaving riders free to move around in the air, in corners etc.