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Guerrilla Gravity's Wagon Wheeled Monster The Smash 

GG The Smash Complete Build

Guerrilla Gravity is a small mountain bike company located in Denver Colorado. They were sick of frame prices shooting through the roof while production moved overseas with little, if any, performance increase from year to year. All this while many bike companies grew in size and became more distant from their customers and what they really wanted in geometry and suspension designs. Over the past three years the folks at Guerrilla Gravity have added four more bikes to their stable. We are testing the longer travel 29r called The Smash; they are Strummer fans!

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Guerrilla Gravity Announces The Smash

The punk rock spirit of Joe Strummer lives on in The Smash, inspiring riders to assail anything in their path. The combination of GG-style geometry and dialed suspension platform creates a 29er you can take on anything from epic big mountain days, to days in the bike park, to your rock-strewn after-work lap.

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