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Get in the Van! Ride Vancouver Island's Best Trails with Jeff Kendall-Weed


Escape to Hurricane


WTB Riddler Tire Review


Wilderness Trail Bikes has been around a long time. They came to creation in Marin county what many consider to be the possible birthplace of Mountain Biking. The scene in the late 1970's and early 1980's was much different in Marin. The times have changed and WTB has evolved and is now making tires, saddles, grips and their own rims. We gave them a call to get a some tires to test out. Our terrain is about 85% rock with spatterings of soil the dusty kind with no traction and marbled out high speed loose trails with no berms. It takes a hell of a tire to perform well in San Luis Obispo. Using a semi slick on the back helps get me up the hill a bit easier so The Riddler was the rear tire we chose to use first.

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