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2014 UCI World Cup Round 2 Cairns

Just when the world's best DH racers were thinking that they knew what they were dealing with at the track here in Cairns, the heavens opened and things got a bit biblical.

The tight confines of the track were a battle for riders and media alike, but it was going to take more than a few poisonous spiders and a bit of rain to deter the Parkin brothers from delivering their highlights of the days practice. 

Rocks, roots and peanut butter gloop - all the action from a spectacular qualifying session.

It feels like everyone is battling here in Cairns. The riders are battling one of the most physically demanding tracks in years, the mechanics are battling to strip 20lbs of mud off after each run and the media are battling it out with the local vegetation.

Qualifying saw some of the favourites (and pretty much everybody else) fall and a couple of surprise packages rise up the ranks.

We let Rob Warner loose on the stars of qualifying here in a super-slick Cairns.

Today has been a real eye-opener for many, as the rain continued in the dark confines of Smithfield Forest. Some sections have simply turned into rivers and the final sprint to the line was somewhat porridge-like in consistency.

So who were the winners and losers of qualifying?! Who should we be looking at to take the win on Saturday afternoon?! There's only one man adequately equipped with the necessarily subtle communications skills to find out... Rob Warner.

Sloppy Joes for everyone here today at the qualifying round of the World Cup DHI Round 2 at Cairns, enjoy the burgers!

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