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Profile Elite MTB Hub Review

Profile Racing has been around since the late 1960's! Their stuff is made here in the USA and they are damn proud of it as they should be. Their tolerances are insane, colors perfect, switches can be made on short notice and some of the tighest quality control this side of Rolex.

"Profile Racing, Inc. started in early 1968 when the firm was established as a racecar chassis shop in Flemington, New Jersey by Jim Alley. Profile Racing moved its operations to St. Petersburg, Florida in 1971. Then, in 1978 Jim’s son, Corey, and daughter, Justine had their first taste of BMX racing at a small track in St. Petersburg. The entire Alley family was immediately hooked on this sport. With Jim’s keen eye for innovation and competitiveness, a new venture into the bicycle industry was born. It was an easy transition for Profile Racing to make. Having its background in auto racing, chromemoly fabrication and lightweight, aluminum alloy components, Profile Racing was a “shoe-in” for the bicycle racing industry."

Profile Racing History

Profile Racing's bulletproof hub design comes to the world of 150mmm hub spacing. The hub is designed for a 12mm thru axle (such as the Rock Shox Maxle) (not included.) ISO disc brake mount. Shimano/Sram compatible 9/10 speed driver. 32 or 36 spoke hole drilling. Tall flanges use shorter, stiffer spokes, and centered flanges allow wheel to be virtually dish-less for added strength.

  • Flange Diameters: 59mm
  • Center to Drive-Side Flange: 26mm
  • Center to Non-Drive-Side Flange: 28mm
  • 150mm OLD 12mm Thru Axle (no Skewer) weight: 352g
  • 6 pawl driver for 204 points of engagement means instant forward motion at the first application of pedal pressure
  • Hub body matched anodized aluminum cone spacers with hardened CrMo knurls to bite into dropouts
  • Hub body matched anodized aluminum volcano bolt head covers
  • Fits Shimano and SRAM 8, 9, and 10 speed cassettes
  • 135 12mm Thru axle, 142mm 12mm Thru-axle, QR, CrMo or Ti 3/8 bolt on axles
  • QR weight: 363g
  • 3/8 CrMo Bolt on axle weight:425g
  • 3/8 Ti Bolt on Axle weight:401g
  • 135mm OLD 12mm Thru Axle (no skewer) weight: 334g
  • 142mm OLD 12mm Thru Axle (no Skewer) weight: 342g

Grownig up in the 1980's and riding BMX in the time there were 2 companies people went to for cranks. Profile was one of them and I always wanted a set. In my youth I was never able to afford a set but when I built my first DH bike in around 1999 it had Profile cranks. I had used them on two other builds since and have always admired their products. Profile builds stuff that works and only tweaks it if it can be improved upon.

Three or four years ago at Interbike we went by Profile and they had a MTB sample of their Elite hubs mounted on a stand. We were estatic just twisting it about 90 degrees sounded close to what a King does at full rotation. After that we knew it was a hub that would one day be mounted on one of our bikes.

Fast forward a few years later and finally I get a set of the Profile Elite's to lace a custom wheelset up with. I went fairly light with DT Revolution, Alloy nipple and STANS Flow EX hoops. The hubs weighed as claimed on Profile's site and my complete front and rear wheels came in at 1820 grams.

As stated before the build quality from Profile is second to none and these hubs were no different. Even the disc holes and flange were anaodized and some people voiced concern with the ability to have it be a truely flat surface. I was a little hesitant as well. It was a non issue the floating Hope rotors bolted up evenly and securly. Getting the rear sprocket on was tough the tolerance was so tight it basically had to be tapped on with a rubber mallet and spacers. Everything about the hubs exudes top dollar. I have owned Hope, Shimano, Chris King, Nukeproof and Hadley hubs over the years and the Elite's have them beat on the quality and workmanship side.

The rear hub is very loud with this many engagemnt points going on it can get noisy. But the benefit of having instant pedal response is worth every click they make! The bike is always on the throttle move the cranks back a few degrees to clear a rock and you have instant pressure rolling the pedals forward again. The Elite hubs make low speed technical riding easier and more predictable for sure. Having instantanious reaction to pedal movement gives the rider a feeling of having a much more nimble ride that responds to everything quickly.

The wheels have been rolling since March sometime. The bike has had its fair share of riding being done on it. So far the hubs have held up well to abuse from riders, dirt and hoses. We have not had any issues with the hubs so far. Profile does not reccomend greasing the casette carrier to install the casette but we ended up doing so. It could be beacsue we used a single speed they may have a tighter tolerance.


Overall the Profile Elite hubs are an awesome piece to any wheel build. I think the 204 engagement points may be overkill for some DH riders but if you area has slow technical riding it will be a benefit for sure. The AM crowd may want to take a good long look at these being able to climb and always have acces to power at the pedals would be a big plus.

Profile offers these hubs in all the main configurations and a wide assortemnt of color options. This is something you can only get from small boutique builders along with an attention to detail that is unmatched. We would stronlgy suggest these to friends as a hub option. The only downside we have found thus far is cost on the hubs they do hit the pocketbook but when people are looking at buying $900 hoops that will last 5 months is a $450 hub that could last 5 years that out of line?

Profile Elite Hub

Gorak, the owner and founder of, talks about the pros and cons of profiles new elite hubs. Filmed and edited by Jack Kelly

BMX hubs checked out give a better insight to the sounds.................

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